Second-hand football shirts selling for £2,300 on eBay - see if you have any of them

 Those marking a top club or player are most sought-after, but even worn and damaged shirts are valuable to the right buyer

Old football shirts sell for more than £2,000 on eBay, and with the Euro 2020 tournament underway it is the perfect time to check if you own a valuable one.

While signed or match-worn shirts tend to fetch the highest prices, fans still pay thousands of pounds for the type of replica shirts owned by many Premier League fans.

This can be because a shirt is from a famous club, has the name or number of a star player or was worn by the winning team at the time.

But while this all helps, the good news is that shirts don't have to be in pristine condition, or from top-name clubs, to be worth loads of money. Even pre-worn shirts can be invaluable to the right buyer.

Here are five of the most valuable British football shirts that recently sold for a fortune.

1) Manchester City 2013/14 home kit, £2,299

An expensive Manchester City shirt
In 2013, City became the fastest club in Premier League history to score 100 goals 

This short-sleeved large men's shirt recently sold for as much as a second-hand car, despite being creased and with a few snags to the fabric.

But for one fan of the Sky Blues, it was worth every penny.

Back in 2013, City had a glorious season and became the fastest club in Premier League history to score 100 goals.

They then went on to score 156 goals by the end of the season, breaking the previous record of 143 set by Manchester United in 1955/6.

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2) Manchester United 1999/00 Champions League shirt, £1,600

This well kept shirt proved irresistible to a buyer last month 
A valuable football shirt
The shirt sold for more than £1,000 

A shirt for the collectors, this long-sleeved shirt came with its tags and original bag from the 1999/2000 season.

Despite Manchester United leaving the Champions League in the second group stage at the time, this extra-large shirt proved irresistible to a buyer last month.

3) Manchester United 1998/99 shirt, £1,200

A valuable football shirt
Bearing Ryan Giggs's name, this shirt is a collector's item 

The second of three Manchester United shirts on this list was also sold in pristine condition in its original packaging.

The long-sleeved, large shirt is in good nick, but the key to its value is that it has Ryan Giggs's name on the back - one of the most decorated footballers of all time.

Giggs picked up 13 Premier League winner's medals during his 1990 - 2014 stint with the club.

4) Wimbledon FC - 1988 FA Cup final shirt, £750

A valuable football shirt
Wimbledon FC were a small club, but this shirt has an incredible story 

You may be surprised to see a shirt from a smaller club on this list. A smaller, non-existent club, in fact, as Wimbledon FC has not existed since 2004.

But football fans will recognise that this shirt is a piece of sporting history.

Against all odds, the underdog Wimbledon FC won the FA Cup final 1-0 in 1988, against the generally far better Liverpool FC.

Not only this, but the shirt was also sold in good condition, and clearly made a fan of the Wombles very happy.

5) Manchester United 1998/99 goalkeeper shirt, £750

A valuable football shirt
The replica shirt of star goalie and captain Peter Schmeichel sold for £750 

While Manchester United shirts can go for large amounts online, this one is more significant than most.

In the 1998/99 season, the team won not only the Premier League but the FA Cup and UEFA Champions League as well.

It was also sold in mint condition, and was a replica of the shirt worn by famous goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, who captained the club to victory during this season.

Staying safe on eBay

It is possible to find many great bargains on eBay. Many companies sell items for less on the auction site than they do in their own stores.

But beware that there are many fake items and dodgy sellers looking to rip off buyers.

To help stay safe, eBay says you should:

  • Always complete purchases on the eBay website
  • Ignore 'too good to be true' offers
  • Be wary of emails with links and requests for your data
  • Use anti-virus software on your computer
  • Be cautious of transactions where the seller and the item are in different locations