Paul Pogba transfer latest amid Man Utd contract issue and PSG claims

The France World Cup winner has less than a year remaining on his Manchester United deal, but there seems to be very little discussion of him signing a new one

Given that he is such a modern footballer it is perhaps no surprise that Paul Pogba is playing out a very modern transfer saga.

The Frenchman's presence at Manchester United has been an almost constant talking point ever since those dark days of Jose Mourinho's training sessions, but now we've entered the final 12 months of his deal there are a fair degree of mixed messages coming from both sides of the Channel.

We are, of course, only a few months down the line from Mino Raiola's public declaration that it was "over" for Pogba at United, with the fact that those words came before a must-win Champions League group stage tie that United then lost only adding more fuel this particular fire.

Pogba soon insisted that that wasn't actually how he felt and he was more than happy to remain where his bread was buttered for now, showing glimpses of what we all know he can do during United's second half of the season and the run to the Europa League final.

But while those displays proved that it wasn't in fact "over" between him and the club, they didn't exactly give you much of a feeling that everything was all sweetness and light either.

A strange sort of acceptance has occurred.

Manchester United's manageable dilemma

No club wants to lose their best players, and from the outside the sight of Pogba leaving the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer United Project would not be a good look.

You can have endless debates about whether or not the Frenchman will ever suit playing in the United system under the Norwegian, but if you've got a Pogba in your squad then you'll do everything you can to keep him.

It is quite striking that in all the talk of Pogba's future now there appears to be very little chatter that focuses on him signing a new deal, with his current United contract running out in the summer of 2022 when he'll be able to go wherever he wants for free - and command a large signing on bonus.

It is a trend that we are beginning to see Europe-wide as evidenced by Kylian Mbappe keeping Paris Saint-Germain on strings and Lionel Messi effectively leaving Barcelona before giving in to their constant pleading for him to stay.

This summer has seen the likes of Sergio Aguero, Gini Wijnaldum, Gianluigi Donnarumma and Sergio Ramos all control their own destinies and allow contracts to run out before moving on, while there appears to be a slow-moving crisis unfolding at Liverpool where the year 2023 will be circled in bold red pen.

So are United going to be fine with Pogba hanging around for a final year and then packing his bags next summer? It would seem so.

After a year full of such uncertainty, Pogba and his young family will doubtless like that stability too.

PSG's tempting proposal

And these days a modern transfer dilemma simply isn't complete without the influence of Paris Saint-Germain.

There may be somewhat spurious reports coming from France that the Parisians have already made their move for Pogba, but the reality is that they are surely keeping a watching brief on the situation.

With Wijnaldum already snapped up this summer and new European champion Marco Verratti a dominant presence in midfield, PSG have the resources to sit tight and allow Pogba's price to plummet before they make their move.

Of course, they remain a hostage to fortune in such a situation.

Pogba could start the coming season on fire, Solskjaer could unlock the Frenchman in an exciting new formation featuring Jadon Sancho and he might well lead United up the Premier League table and to advance in Europe, therefore wanting to extend his stay at Old Trafford.

But a lot needs to fall into place for that to happen.

For now the prevailing feeling in France seems to be that Pogba will end up at PSG one day, but he might well be a part of next summer's crop of superstar signings as opposed to this summer's, and he could end up making up for the loss of Mbappe if he was to move on in a similar fashion.

It would seem to suit everyone, the club and the player.

And providing he's had a good season with United before he bows out then everyone will kind have got what they've come for.

Which in a modern transfer move, is all you can ask for really.