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4 Essential Steps on How to Create Effective Digital Marketing Campaign

4 Essential Steps on How to Create Effective Digital Marketing Campaign

Everyone in business needs customers, 4 Essential Steps on How to Create Effective Digital Marketing Campaign

1      New Customers Acquisition Online and Retention:

Everyone in business needs customers. More so, getting new customers and turning them to be loyal to your business is a better way to grow your business and remain sustainable in the face of competition.

We shall start this section by discussing the top three (3) strategies to finding customers online, then conclude with the buyer pyramid.

Different people have different experiences regarding finding their first customers online. For some, it was quite easy, while for others, it was pretty tough to get buyers to patronize their business. However, with research, my team and I have identified these three strategies, which we applied in our business to give us a headway among the competition. They are also helpful to ensure that the customers acquired are retained.

 2                  Network (Make Connections):

Networking is also known as making a connection, is essential to acquiring customers and retaining them. Many people erroneously think networking is simply meeting people, shaking hands, and forgetting their names. Making connections involves meeting people, knowing their names, what products they are interested in, who they are interested in working with, and so on. The reason you need to do that is to get them to buy your product, retaining them, and getting referrals from them.

For example, I met a successful graphic designer on my Instagram handle and enquired how he got and retained his clients. He told me he got most clients through reaching out to them, who then reach out to their friends and colleagues. He said, for instance, he met a blogger online and approached him, requesting if he needed help with designs, to which he responded in the affirmative. Following that engagement, he became his go-to graphics designer client. The best part of the story, the blogger also keeps referring other people to him for design jobs. Networking is a key component of new customer acquisition and retention.

A few years back, PayPal researched how freelancers who are using their payment platform were getting their customers and retaining them. The result showed that, on average, 50% of clients come through word of mouth. One way you get a connection through word of mouth is by making connections. That is, meeting people in the first place.

In these contemporary times, one of the best places of meeting people is social media like Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter,, etc. If you have not tried this out already, it is very easy to do so.

For instance, you can visit Facebook and locate the search bar. Search for any group related to your product. For example, if you are a dentist, you can search for a group with dentistry-related objectives. You will be amazed at the result that pops up. You click on the group tab and review the goals if they fall within your area of interest.

One of the best places to make a connection is on Facebook Group. You can join one or more. You can also create a group to promote your business.

3                   Showcase Your Expertise:

Lots of different places you can demonstrate your expertise on the internet. You can have a blog, create a YouTube channel, have an Instagram account, Twitter account, Facebook Page, etc.

For example, if you are a music teacher, you can consistently get clients from social media by showcasing your abilities and skills. Many have done that, and many more are doing it in different professions. In the PayPal research mentioned earlier, freelancers reported that 37% of clients come through social media. One major way they did that is by demonstrating their expertise on the different platforms. You, too, can duplicate that.

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Examples of success stories about showcasing or demonstrating one’s expertise have helped acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

Places you can showcase your expertise include YouTube, blog posts, Instagram, etc.

4                   Right Targeting:

It will help if you put yourself in your prospect shoes. Imagine you are the customer they are attempting to attract. If you are in their shoes, what product would you buy or how who would you hire to help you solve the problem you are facing?

For example, a few years ago, a client of mine started a local music studio. He approached me to help drive the growth of the business. We reasoned that if he was a parent looking to hire a music teacher for their kid, what would he do? We thought the first thing was to use the search engine “Google” to search for a guitar teacher in the area; the result showed a handful of such a service in that region. I advised that he got his service advertised on the search engine. We never thought about whether the listing will show at the top of SERP. Despite that, we listed the service on Google, and guess what we found out? The result was awesome. We were thinking then Google was not the best place to find the services of a music lesson teacher. However, the decision to do that paid off.

The decision to place the music lesson service on Google worked very well. My friend keeps getting fresh students almost every week.

The bottom line is, freelancers are putting themselves in places where clients are looking. Going back to the PayPal research story earlier, they found that 36% of freelancers say they get clients through blog posts, newsletters, and social media. So, if someone searches for the services of a video editor, they see results like,, or industry-specific job sites.

You want more customers, the right kind of customers, that is everyone’s desire.  One mistake business owners and entrepreneurs make is that they only target to sell to the people at the top of the buyer pyramid.

Speaking about the buyer pyramid, as shown above. I want you to think about a triangle, inside the triangle, split into four parts. The top of the pyramid represents 3% of your buyers. That percentage is interested and ready to buy what you offer. Most marketers and business people are always talking to the 3%. Anything not within that per cent, they are not ready to buy right now; they just ignored them. The problem with this approach is you are completely ignoring the other 97%.

Besides the 3%, there is the 6-7%. The 7% is your ideal customers and clients. They are open and capable of buying. They are interested; they only may be wanting you to answer some of their questions. They are like sitting on the fence. Some business owners try to market and talk to them once in a while.

The other that follows the 6-7% is the 30%. These are the classes of people that might not be thinking about the product or service. However, they could persuade such a category of potential customers or clients. They are the type that says “maybe; maybe not,” kind of. These classes of potential buyers require a different approach to bring them into the buying circle. Now, if you adopt the right approach, it is almost certain that they will become buyers.

Below that, you have the other 30%. These categories of people do not think they are interested in what they have got to offer. They do not know what you are talking about. They do not know why they would need what you have to offer.

Then the last 30%. These may never buy from you. Nothing you do will convince such people to buy. However, they may change their mind with time. These are people who don’t like or trust you with your offer no matter what you do. They do not need what you sell.

As a marketer or business owner, you have to understand the people you are marketing your product or service to. What constitutes your marketing message? If you are only talking to the top 3% like most people do, you neglect a big chunk of the marketplace. Now, what could you do to capture the huge untapped number in the marketplace? Your marketing content should be targeting the entire marketplace.

One best strategy to bring in the rest 70% to your dragnet is to offer them samples if you can afford that. If you are selling an intangible product or service and talking to someone who is not ready to buy from you now, give them a sample of your offer.

You have to think out how to get your potential customers to experience what you have, how your product can solve their problems, and what you do.

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