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Former Premier League star claims Liverpool are “on another level” than Chelsea in this crucial area.

According to former Manchester United midfielder Luke Chadwick, Liverpool are light years ahead of Chelsea in terms of offensive talent right now.

Carabao Cup finalist Reds beat Blues 1-0 in penalty shootout at Wembley last night, with both goalkeepers saving penalties.

And yet Chelsea could have won the game but didn’t, with Mason Mount in particular missing twice when the likes of Mohamed Salah or Sadio Mane would have undoubtedly scored. Chelsea had great chances to win the game.

One more instance in which Christian Pulisic could have done better is noted by Chadwick as evidence of the biggest discrepancy between the two teams in terms of Premier League goals scored.

“Chelsea’s forward line lacks the goals that Liverpool has. Chadwick told CaughtOffside, “I think Mount and Pulisic are quite different players from Salah and Mane.”

Even though those two also come in from the outside, they’re Liverpool’s primary goal scorers,” he continues. As a result, I believe Chelsea drafted Lukaku in an attempt to solve that issue. He’s not a good match for the system, and he’s had his share of injury woes in the past.

As a defender, Mount is responsible for a majority of the defensive work, while Salah prefers a more forward role in order to be ready for counterattacks and to score goals. The fact that Mount is a wonderful young footballer does not diminish the fact that he will never be as prolific as Salah in terms of goal returns. With respect to the shot that went in, he was really unlucky, but he probably could have done better with the one that missed the net.

While Salah’s goal-scoring rate is more like 25-30 per season, Mount has the potential to score 10-15 goals per season.” Chelsea’s style of play differs from Liverpool’s, but the Blues still need to score goals to win games. Although they competed admirably against Liverpool, it’s unfair to say that following yesterday’s penalty shootout victory.

“However, when you look at the league table, the number of goals scored by both clubs is certainly an issue.” A replacement for Eden Hazard is going to be difficult for them to find, as are replacements for the Liverpool forwards. There aren’t many players that can score 25 or more goals a season while playing in the wide areas.

When you consider Liverpool’s 70 Premier League goals and Chelsea’s 49, I believe Chelsea must find goals from other areas of the field. They have excellent footballers, but the numbers are stunning.”

Perhaps 10 or 15 more goals might be possible for Lukaku if the team was constructed around him more.” Getting Lukaku into positions to score 25 goals each season is Chelsea’s primary objective this season.

Despite the fact that Roberto Firmino isn’t their primary goal scorer, Liverpool don’t really play with a number 9 in the traditional sense. However, at the top end of the game, they’re on an entirely different level in terms of what they create in front of goal.”

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