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FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange, has launched a new service for gaming studios called NFT-as-a-Service.

FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange, has launched a new service for gaming studios called NFT-as-a-Service.

When it comes to NFT (non-fungible token) integration and other collectibles enabled by blockchain, FTX, a well-known crypto exchange, plans to launch a gaming company to serve major gaming firms

  • A web3 feature for gaming studios will be offered by FTX.

New gaming products are expected to be introduced within months, according to Bloomberg. According to reports, the so-called FTX Gaming company will serve as a platform for the provision of crypto-based services. These digital tokens will also be supported by the respective service provider in addition to the NFTs. According to the article, the exchange has taken a smart step by entering the gaming market in order to enhance the value of digital assets and the blockchain.

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Decentralized systems could play a significant part in the future of gaming, according to a paper from the Bahamas. In addition, the venue’s American affiliate will keep an eye on the newest gaming hub. Additionally, a few job postings were made to fill positions in software engineering and the creation of the Unity game engine. Speaking about the introduction of FTX Gaming, a representative claimed that it is being launched because the game is deemed to have a spectacular crypto use case and more than 2B gamers have played and acquired digital products around the world have been introduced globally. The announcement connects to previous statements made on behalf of FTX executives on growth plans for 2022.
The FTX U.S. president, Brett Harrison, released a tweet in recent January revealing that the company considers the gaming sector to be an important aspect. He also stated that the platform intends to work with Solana Ventures and create a $100 million fund for blockchain gaming in collaboration with the company. The fund’s goal is to support gaming studios in their efforts to incorporate decentralized technology.

  • For a service, NFTs

Even for well-known organizations, the increased demand for protocol deployment might be baffling when it comes to enterprise-level crypto adoption. These SaaS (software-as-service) model-based businesses have built and reworked enterprise blockchain applications to satisfy the needs of the country’s most important institutions and their existing product offerings.

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