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How to Increase Website Traffic in 21 Ways with Social Media Followers

How to Increase Website Traffic in 21 Ways with Social Media Followers

Thus, you’ve amassed thousands of social media followers and fans. Are the majority of them making their way to your website? If the answer is no, you are not alone, which is just how those social media platforms prefer it.

  • How to Increase Website Traffic in 21 Ways with Social Media Followers

Let’s face it, social media platforms make money by keeping users on their platforms to view advertisements and promotions. (Some say social media platforms are designed to be addictive.)

However, do not despair; this is not a hopeless cause. With the appropriate plan, you can successfully transition those social media followers to your website, thereby increasing the success of your business. This is how you do it.

  • Discover the Reality About Your Social Media Following

Here are a few points to consider regarding social media fans and followers:

To begin, the term’social media audience’ is deceptive. It is not a large group. If you use multiple social media sites, you will have a diverse social media audience. This implies you’ll need unique material to pique their interest.

For instance, Sprout Social’s analysis of social media demographics reveals the following:

  • Females make up the majority of Facebook users. While Facebook users span all age groups, they are frequently older than those on Instagram.
  • Instagram is widely used by people under the age of 29, with 72% of those aged 13-17 using it.
  • LinkedIn is a popular social networking site for college graduates and business-to-business users.

This is a snapshot, but it demonstrates the variation between social media platforms.

Second, a large proportion of social media users have short attention spans. This is partly due to the sheer volume of content that scrolls across their screens each minute. They, like web audiences, are probably suffering from content shock, which makes paying attention to everything impossible.

If you want to capture attention and entice those all-important clicks back to your website, avoid a cookie-cutter approach and instead research what works on each platform.

  • How to Determine the Interests of Your Social Followers

Examining the data is a good place to start. Each social media site collects data on your followers. There is demographic data on age, gender, income, education, and interests, among other things.

For instance, here is a screenshot of what your Facebook ad dashboard might look like:

How to Determine the Interests of Your Social Followers


Additionally, there is critical information about what people are clicking and engaging with. The example below demonstrates which postings generated the most engagement with the audience.

How to Determine the Interests of Your Social Followers 2


If you’re aware of what has garnered attention in the past, this provides an excellent beginning point for developing future attention-grabbing content.

  • Convert Social Media Creatives Into Traffic

You can get an advantage by developing engaging native advertisements for your social media networks. This will emphasize your greatest content and ensure that it gets seen by people who are most interested.

  • News Articles Result in Popular Topics

Popular themes are an excellent place to start. We utilized the Taboola Trends tool to determine what is currently generating the most attention. As the screenshot demonstrates, if your content is related to news items about Apple, the iPhone, or the US president, you are almost certain to garner notice, especially given that two-thirds of people now acquire their news via social media.

  • How about the size of the face or the color of the image? It is dependent on the Niche

Because the majority of social media platforms are visual, picking the proper images makes a significant impact in terms of the amount of attention you receive. For instance, in the business area, larger face sizes result in higher clicks across all devices.

How about the size of the face or the color of the image? It is dependent on the Niche

However, if we focus just on tablets, the color of the image (rather than its size) is the most critical feature. If the majority of your audience uses tablets, black and white images will garner more attention than color graphics.

How about the size of the face or the color of the image? It is dependent on the Niche

  • With Video Topics, Location Is Critical

With video themes, it turns out that geography has a significant role in determining what is popular and what is not. According to trends, the UK public is not particularly fond of animal or illustration-themed videos.

With Video Topics, Location Is Critical

In comparison, including pictures in movies aimed at the US market raises completion rates by 52%.

  • Adhere to Keyword Trends to Create Engaging Headlines

When you’re ready to compose titles, conduct a keyword analysis. Given that the headline receives 80% of internet attention, it’s worthwhile to devote work to it.

If you work in the beauty industry, for example, you can boost audience engagement by utilizing titles that include the terms ‘laser,”make,’ ‘Japanese,’ ‘hairstyles,’ or ‘age.’

Adhere to Keyword Trends to Create Engaging Headlines

Additionally, the program identifies keywords that may present an engagement opportunity, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Adhere to Keyword Trends to Create Engaging Headlines 2

Here is an example of an experiment using the keywords we discovered in the beauty sector.

We considered two alternative headlines:

  • Reduce Your Age by Ten Years with a New Japanese Laser Treatment
  • Seven Exceptional Japanese Hairstyles for the Modern Era

Then we ran them through the Taboola titles tool, which estimates the likelihood of a click-through rate (CTR). The title ‘awesome Japanese hairstyles’ performs far better than the title ‘Japanese laser therapy.’ That’s possibly because the laser title sounds a little over-the-top, which is a no-no when it comes to creating engaging headlines.

We considered two alternative headlines

We then repeated the experiment by designing a title that included several of the opportunity keywords:

  • Eliminate Abdominal Fat with a New Japanese Diet

Eliminate Abdominal Fat with a New Japanese Diet

This title rocketed to the top, implying that an audience is more concerned with diets than with haircuts.

As previously said, Taboola Trends can assist you in crafting social media posts that drive traffic to your website, but there are a few additional ways to increase your social media content.

  • Additional Strategies for Increasing the Conversion Rate of Your Social Media Content

Combine your intimate expertise of your audience with broad rules about what performs across several media. This Axios research provides an excellent overview of what users desire from various platforms and what it implications for content.

  • Create Content That Is Evergreen

Simultaneously, utilize BuzzSumo or a comparable tool to monitor evergreen content trends. If a subject has been popular for a long period of time, your perspective on it is likely to draw an audience. This is an excellent supplement to the current Taboola Trends data.

  • Personalize

Apart from trends, keep in mind that social media users adore getting a glimpse behind the curtain. Never be hesitant to get personal and give behind-the-scenes information about your business or brand.

  • Meet the Expectations of Your Followers

Delivering on your followers’ expectations is a critical component of high-converting social media content. That is why it is essential to avoid misleading names and instead focus on those that lead to excellent information.
Once you’ve disappointed a guest, you may never receive another chance. In other words, keep your commitments.

  • Utilize Visibility Tactics

Investigate methods for increasing the visibility of your material. When it comes to frequent social media posts, something as simple as using the appropriate number of hashtags makes a significant difference in terms of how easily they are discovered. Additionally, you can utilize influencer marketing.
A credible suggestion can significantly increase your visibility and website clicks.

  • Solicit Action from Followers

Finally, never be scared to request a click. Include a call to action to entice visitors to your site, and ensure they receive something in return.

Three Inspiring B2B Social Media Case Studies

Are you looking for some motivation? The following are some effective examples of business-to-business social media.

  • GE

General Electric (GE) is a company that does more than sell home appliances; it also caters to commercial demands. It is well-known for its varied and engaging social media content, which provides insight into the company’s operations and encourages engagement.

In the example below, a representative from GE Power has temporarily taken over GE’s Twitter account to demonstrate how turbines work. While this is not in everyone’s best interests, GE is clearly doing something right with nearly half a million followers.


  • Gartner

While statistics and research might be tedious, Gartner brings them to life using music, video, and graphics, increasing engagement and driving people back to the company’s website.


  • Hubspot

Hubspot is a forerunner in the field of inbound marketing (aka attracting people back to your site). As a result, it’s unsurprising that the company’s online presence adheres to its principles.

Hubspot maintains a variety of social media pages and participates in a number of LinkedIn groups. It uses these to motivate business owners, demonstrate what goes on inside the organization, and increase brand knowledge and engagement.

Are you ready to boost your social media conversions and website traffic? Begin with

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