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An Arsenal legend confesses he can’t value “elite” Bukayo Saka’s transfer to Liverpool

An Arsenal legend confesses he can't value elite Bukayo Saka's transfer to Liverpool

Despite recent transfer rumors tying Bukayo Saka to Liverpool, Arsenal veteran Michael Thomas has spoken out about the player’s future.

The Gunners academy product has blossomed into one of the club’s most important players, and his screamer in the 3-2 victory over Watford last weekend was a treat to witness.

Considering Saka’s ability to thrive in a fast, attack-minded club, it isn’t hard to believe that Liverpool will soon be knocking on Arsenal’s door to inquire about the midfielder.

In an exclusive interview with CaughtOffside, Thomas expressed his delight at the high level of attacking football displayed by Arsenal at Vicarage Road, and he singled out Saka for particular appreciation.

According to Thomas, “it was fantastic to watch Arsenal put in such a free-flowing performance moving forward.” Despite the fact that it brought back some defensive slackness, which Arteta expressed his displeasure with, “it’s always encouraging to see the guys score goals.” Long may it continue to be a contender for one of the top four spots in the league.

What is the market value of Saka’s transfer to Arsenal?
“I’d hate to put a monetary value on Saka.” He possesses extraordinary abilities, and his mentality is of the highest caliber….

It is unnecessary to establish a price for Saka since I believe he will play a big factor in Arsenal’s return to the top flight.”

It’s safe to say that Saka is up there among Europe’s best young talents, but his primary focus will be on winning and contributing to the team.
In the past, Thomas has made similar remarks on Saka’s status, giving us the following statement when asked about the possibility of the 20-year-old joining Liverpool: “I’ve seen the reports about Saka circulate recently, but I don’t believe any of them to be true.

“It’s clear that the Salah contract crisis is the source of the links, but I don’t see any reason why Saka would quit the team just yet.”

His performance for Arteta’s club has been outstanding, and he has become a regular starter. Being associated with Liverpool is a great honor for most people, but I believe that will be the extent of my association with the club.

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