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As burglars target the home of Man United player Jesse Lingard, he is the victim of a £100,000 burglary.

As burglars target the home of Man United player Jesse Lingard, he is the victim of a £100,000 burglary.

Lingard was a victim of burglars who targeted his belongings while he was playing for the Reds, according to the Manchester United forward.

After becoming the third Manchester United player to fall victim to a home burglary, Jesse Lingard has become the latest player to suffer from the same problem.

At the time United and Aston Villa played to a 2-2 draw in January, The Sun reported that Jesse Lingard’s Hale, Greater Manchester, home had been a target of a robbery. On the night in question, the robbers are believed to have stolen more than £100,000 in clothing and jewelry from Lingard, who was at Villa Park at the time of the theft.

Although it is unclear whether or not the things were taken away by the group, authorities believe they did. According to a source close to Lingard, the footballer has put his home on the market as a result of the burglary and the incident.

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Manchester United has been contacted by the Manchester Evening News for comment on the incident.

The burglary at Lingard’s home is said to have taken place just four days before the break-in at Victor Lindelof’s family home, when Lindelof’s wife and small children were scared when robbers entered into their home while United were playing Brentford.

During the “traumatic and frightening” situation, the Sweden international’s wife Maja and their children, which included a three-year-old boy, were forced to shut themselves in a room. When she learned of the raid on their Manchester home while the defense was on the field, she immediately rushed to social media to corroborate the incident.

Following the events involving Lingard and Lindelof, it is reported that Manchester United are evaluating their player security arrangements.

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