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Cardano surpassed Bitcoin in market cap prior to the Vasil hard fork, which intensified the ADA price rally.

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After the Ethereum Consolidation, the event that everyone are looking forward to the most is the Cardano Vasil Hard Fork. IOHK has repeatedly pushed back the split, but they have guaranteed that the updated blockchain would have greater throughput along with newly designed smart contracts and dApps. In the meanwhile, nevertheless, the price of ADA, which had already lost part of its former grace of let, made some greater movements in either direction.

During the early hours of trading, the marketplace saw a substantial injection of liquidity, which resulted in an increase of more than 3 percentage points in price. The bears performed a pitiful job by rapidly driving the price below its opening levels, which was the point at which a major price rebound got underway.


The price of ADA continues to remain lifted above the symmetrical triangle, and it seems likely that it will go on to surpass $0.5 before the market closes for the day. Despite severe bearish pressure.

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The price of cryptocurrency fell by more than 13 percent during the course of the last weekend as markets were hit by a significant bearish action. Since that time, the value of the stock has remained stable inside the confines of a symmetrical triangle. As the price continued to move within a bear flag, there was a widespread belief that the value of the asset may fall below the lower support level.

The most recent push, on the other hand, has rendered the bearish scenario useless for the foreseeable future.

Cardano Ranks Among the Top 30 Most Intimate Cryptocurrencies

According to the ranking that was published by MBLM, a brand Intimacy Agency, Cardano has surpassed Bitcoin as the most intimate cryptocurrency. The firm has compiled a list of the companies that have a stronger connection with their customers as well as the degree of association between those customers and themselves. Cardano is currently ranked 26th, only behind Adobe and Ford, whilst Bitcoin is currently ranked 30th.

The rating of 68.1 places Disney at the top of the list, followed by Tesla and Apple with scores of 67.5 and 65.3 respectively. Cardano’s score, on the other hand, is approximately 52.6, while Bitcoin’s score is 51.9. In an interesting turn of events, Polkadot also made it onto the list, where it currently resides at position 111 with a score of 43.5. Ethereum, meanwhile, came in at position 120 with a score of 42.8.

As a whole, the market as well as social attitudes are gradually beginning to coil up, which is anticipated to provide a solid foundation for the price of ADA to drive forward. If the asset can maintain its value at or above $0.5, then a significant increase in price may be around the corner.

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