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Video: GoooaL Angry Edouard Mendy reaction to Liverpool equaliser against Chelsea infuriated Jordan Henderson and sparked brief melee

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InShot 20210828 201818550
Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy reached boiling point after being sent the wrong way by Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah at the penalty spot, sparking a furious reaction from the stopper.

The Blues were already angry enough after it emerged that a penalty would be awarded and that Reece James would be sent off, but Mendy landed himself in hot water with his reaction to Salah’s equaliser.

After being sent the wrong way from 12 yards out by Salah, Mendy got back up and immediately went to blast the ball away, but Jordan Henderson was already arriving to pick it up and resume the match.

Henderson narrowly escaped being kicked by an enraged Mendy, something that understandably left the England international furious, leaving himself and a few Liverpool players to rush up to the stopper.

That sprang senior Chelsea stars Cesar Azpilicueta, Romelu Lukaku and Antonio Rudiger to the defence of Mendy, meaning that there was a bit of pushing and shoving between the two sides.

Pictures from Sky Sports and the Premier League.


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