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Gunnercooke, a UK-based law firm, Begins Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments

Gunnercooke, a UK-based law firm, Begins Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments

Gunnercooke, a well-known law firm in the United Kingdom, has began taking payments for professional and legal services in the leading cryptocurrencies. The company supports both major cryptoassets such as $ETH (Ethereum) and $BTC (Bitcoin), as well as lesser altcoins such as $DOGE (Dogecoin), and $ADA (Adacoin) (Cardano).

According to the platform’s announcement, it is now accepting crypto payments via Coinpass (a crypto exchange that is registered with the FCA), having added $UNI, $EOS, $XTZ, $ADA, and $DOGE over the later half of 2021. According to the declaration, the venue has created a consumer base of approximately 100 crypto developers, exchanges, and platforms, and Attestant (a crypto staking company) was the first to compensate gunnercooke in cryptocurrency for consulting services.

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According to sources, Attestant used Ethereum’s ETH to make the payment, as gunnercooke advises the crypto staking platform on a variety of regulatory and legal problems pertaining to staking. Naseer Patel, the financial director of gunnercooke, remarked that because just a few law-related organizations presently accept payments in crypto assets, the venue’s crew is thrilled to be the pioneers of this innovation in the United Kingdom.
He noted that in the future, they will be able to serve a greater spectrum of consumers across many jurisdictions, as well as provide collaborators with the option of being compensated securely via the method of their choice. The statement continues by stating that a wide variety of companies are now embracing crypto assets as a form of payment. There is a mention to James Burnie (the company’s fintech and financial services partner), who stated that he believes that over the next few decades, a continual trend toward crypto would occur.

It was previously reported that a crypto restaurant in Dubai has opened, allowing payments in all major crypto assets for meme-themed crypto currency Dogecoin-based meals. The aforementioned eatery is known to be virtual and deliverable. The meal point was launched shortly after Billy Markus (co-creator of DOGE) and Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla) convinced McDonald’s to accept Dogecoin payments. Tesla has already accepted DOGE payments for products offered on the company’s website.

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