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In a post on Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister likes a claim that Ronaldo was not injured before Manchester City’s defeat.

In a post on Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo's sister likes a claim that Ronaldo was not injured before Manchester City's defeat.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the star forward for Manchester United, was absent from Sunday’s 4-1 loss to Manchester City.
Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister liked a post suggesting he had been dropped for tactical reasons, which has fueled speculation he didn’t miss Sunday’s derby day loss to Manchester City.

City hammered United 4-1 at the Etihad on the weekend, their third straight defeat to a local rival. Ronaldo, Raphael Varane, Luke Shaw, and Edinson Cavani were all omitted from the squad the night before the match, further diminishing United’s chances.

The 37-year-old had been sidelined by a hip injury, according to Ralf Rangnick. Covid was found in the bloodstreams of both Shaw and Varane in midweek, and Edi had been training for three days, but he didn’t feel quite well enough to play.” Cristiano missed Friday’s practice due to hip flexor pain.

In the days leading up to and following the defeat, rumors abounded that Ronaldo’s absence was due to something other than an injury, with United legend Roy Keane claiming that Ronaldo’s lack of participation “doesn’t add up.”

Ronaldo’s sister, Kaita Aveiro, liked an Instagram post claiming her brother wasn’t injured before kickoff, adding fuel to the fire. Ronaldo fan account @cr7.o lendario published the post, which translates from Portuguese to read: “Cristiano Ronaldo is not injured and he is not ill. There is no doubt about it; he is a hundred percent.

Good morning to those of you whose Sunday was ruined by the decision of Rangnick to take CR7 out of the derby against Manchester City for tactical reasons, so that he could better protect himself in the game.”

Sky Sports pundit Roy Keane expressed his apprehension about the situation prior to kick-off. “There appears to be,” he said. In my opinion, the manager’s discussion of this hip-flexor issue is just plain annoying.

If you think Ronaldo is a machine and rarely gets hurt, you’d be wrong. He comes out with something like that every so often, and it’s always the hip flexor. In my opinion, it doesn’t add up.

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